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A central vacuum, over time, is only as good as the installation. Our years of experience at Precision Central Vacuums ensures each and every vacuum pipe is joined properly, glued well, and each wall plate is securely attached. We find the most direct pipe route and use less fittings in order to maximize airflow. We make sure the hose hanger is properly mounted so it doesn't pull from the wall over time. Lastly, we take the time to go over the system with you and how to use each part.

- Ease of use: A central vacuum goes everywhere and is easy to use.
- More power: A central vacuum has 5x the suction power of a portable vac.
- Healthier air: Clinical studies show that in-home allergens are greatly reduced.
- Home value appreciation: A home with a central vacuum commands an increased value.
- Quiet operation: Central vac’s remote motors keep noise in the garage or basement – not in your home
- Longer-lasting: Central vacs have solid state construction and less wear and tear so they last longer.


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Install a Central Vacuum ?

Existing Home Installation Specialist

Watch us retrofit your home with minimal disruption to the walls. Together we determine the wall valve locations, and we will find the specific point to run pipe from below or above. We make sure the location is free of barriers and then mount the vacuum inlet to the wall. From the basement or attic we glue pipe to the fitting on the inlet's back side. Once we've stubbed in all the inlets, we install PVC connecting them all together and to the central vacuum power unit.

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Let us show you how the right central vacuum system and accessories can enrich your life! If you're building a new home or planning to, have your builder to include Central Vacuum System. There are many factors to consider(environment,sq. footage, pets etc. ) when selecting your power unit (dirt collection canister) and the attachments (cleaning tools). You'll want to discuss locations for the power unit, the vacuum inlets (where the hose is inserted), and a place to store a hose and attachment kit on each level.All of the above are important when building your new home.