Darlene V.

San Mateo, CA | Yelp | #

Sierra & Sequoia Central Vacuum Systems is a first class company to say the least. Tony, Brian, Lori and team are always professional, polite and punctual with extremely reasonable prices. We had a few issues with the vacuum system in which Tony and his team were able to identify and unclog. About a month or so after their first visit we experienced more issues with the vacuum system and called for help again. Tony and Brian came to our rescue taking a couple of hours out of their busy day to crawl under the house (which is an incredibly tight space) to help us identify the issue which happened to be a clogged pipe in an area that was impossible to reach from the access points. Ultimately, we had to have a contractor and his team cut a small hole through a cabinet where Brian was able to wiggle himself into, cut the pipe at the restricted area and replaced the pipe. The process of finding someone who could come up with a plan to provide access to the restricted area literally took us a few months and with in that time Tony and/or Brian made several visits to meet with all of the different vendors whom we hoped would be able to help create an access way to the problem area. Fortunately for us, Tony and Brian were patient with us as well as the vendors whom we brought in to assess the issue and was successful in accomplishing the frustrating job. Thank you Tony and Brian for your kindness and patience, we sincerely appreciate both of you!